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31. Presuda Za AB Electrolux Stocholm I Electrolux DOOEL Bitola - Judgments No.TS 15-15
(Catalogs >>>Legal disclaimer/Lawsuits and judgments 2015-Electrolux)

32. Clients
11 OKTOMVRI 18 Juli BEDA DOOEL - Skopje A1 Televizija - Skopje ABA M Abakus Komerc - Skopje ABC DOJCINOVSKI ABV KATALOG AD Bomeks Refraktori - Pehcevo AD ESM Upravuvanje so DS


34. Online Catalogs
Electrolux spare parts and equipment online shop Electrolux ceramic elements and furnaces equipment online shop Electrolux rubber products and snap-in door gaskets online s

35. Fairs
Retail staff can only sell high value products successfully when they know them and when they really understand why these products carry a premium price. E-learning allows them to study at their pa

36. Standing - Bonitet

37. Management

38. Jobs
Application CV

39. Prices
Contact us for our price list.

40. Products
More products Forms & Documents Alloys Vacuum-cleaner Ceramics Products Electric Heaters Electricity Brushes

41. Electrolux Service
Maintenance and repairmen of all household apparatus and industry facility, illuminative signboards, various vacuum cleaners, chambers, refrigerators, climate devices, furnaces, washing machines and

42. Sponsor
Sponsor: www.mediapalenzo.com.mk www.marketingpalenzo.com.mk www.investmentmacedonia.com.mk www.investmentbitola.com.mk www.chamberbitola.com.mk www.zanaetciibitola.com.mk www.avstriskabib

43. Representation
Importation of repromaterials of well-known foreign manufacturers of thermical elements, devices, automatics, switchers ...

44. Products
Production of rubber elements, heaters and many more products... more...

45. About us
History of the brand Electrolux Born In 1984 in Bitola, Electrolux company was founded in electrical service for domestic products and installation of electrical systems for industry and households a

46. History
ELECTROLUX - ELEKTROLUKS Macedonia is a company existing since 1984 year. It's outset was based on maintance and repairment of household appliances. Almost 13

47. About us
Electrolux is a company existing since 1984 year. Its outset was based on maintenance and repairment of household appliances. Almost 20 years successfully has been working on produ

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